Civilization VI Review


Here’s the much anticipated Civilization VI Review For fans of Sid Meier’s Civilization series, Civilization VI was a great new entry in the series with new additions like better cities, customizable governments and more. Aspyr has been hard at work porting Civilization VI to tablets and phones, and most recently the Nintendo Switch. It’s no surprise that Civilization VI works great on the Nintendo Switch, especially in handheld mode. Although it may take some getting used to when playing on the Switch, you’ll love it. When you first start playing Civilization VI on Nintendo Switch, definitely try it out in handheld mode first and alongside your controller of choice, you can poke through the menus yourself. Luckily, Civilization VI is turn-based, so you have the time to figure everything out. Another reason to use handheld mode, is that when playing docked you may get a bit of lag in even a fair-sized city. One huge caveat is that the Nintendo Switch version of Civilization VI is missing online-multiplayer and it does not include the recently released Rise and Fall expansion. Local multiplayer and many AI and bug fixes are still included from other versions of the game.

Civilization VI In-Depth Review

So that’s how the game works on Nintendo Switch, but how about the game itself? This Civilization entry features a beautiful art style, that’s colorful and unique! It also includes better soundtrack, that fits whatever you’re doing in the game, depending on the era and what you’re specifically doing at the time. The game has been filled to the brim with new systems for you to mess around with, like trade, religion, espionage, archaeology, and more. There’s now more ways than ever to build your nation that feel better than ever. Unlike earlier entries, city-building is much easier to understand. Instead of buildings being built, you’ll build districts (Commercial Hub, Holy Site, and Encampment, etc.). You can only build so many districts, so think about what you want your city to specialize in!

In this installment, you’ll also need to take better care of your cities. Instead of an empire-wide city happiness scale, your rating is now individually determined, based on the amount of amenities you have. Now, the land-grab phase is much more fun and exciting. It’s also easier to take care of your cities now, because there’s been major strides made to reduce clutter. Builders (previously workers) now expire after they’re used three times, reducing the number of builders doing nothing. They’re no longer automated, so it feels a bit better too. Placing military units has also been majorly improved. Instead of units clogging the map they now can be grouped into a stronger single unit army.

Civilization VI Review Summary

Things aren’t perfect in Civilization VI, though. This game does handle some systems poorly. Religion isn’t very fun to play around with and the government system suffers the same fate. Although there are a few minor issues, Civilization VI is still filled to the brim with personality, new content, and more. It’s a fun time that everyone should try out. There’s more challenge than ever! If you like what you read so far in this Civilization VI Review, then definitely give it a try!

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