Monopoly Game Review

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Monopoly may be one of the most popular games of all time. Certainly the original board game has been released in more franchise spanning remakes than even the most avid tabletop gamers can squeeze onto their gameroom shelves. It seems only natural for the game to make the leap to the videogame universe, a feat which it has done more than a dozen different times. Of the many and myriad incarnations of Monopoly however, one stands head and shoulders above the rest. Tycoon is Monopoly at it’s greatest. If you like Monopoly skip this Monopoly Game Review and buy it straight away!



You will build your city up over the course of decades in this wonderful remake of the cult classic. Playing from 1930 to 2030, as you progress to unlock different era appropriate buildings that expand on the original concept of placing houses and hotels. Each decade changes your city and brings it’s own era apropriate music changes and relevant types of businesses. Fans of the original Monopoly will find plenty of canon aspects remain despite the expanded worldview this game provides.

Solo gameplay is satisfying and several options exist for multiplayer modes as well. You can challenge friends, play against strangers online or face off against the computer AIs. The three difficulty levels allow a wide range of players to enjoy this neo-classic.

You will find everything you loved about the board game, money management, property aquisition and value building through purchasing upgrades alongside new twists. The additions make for a more dynamic and exciting game yet stay relevant to the core concept. There are new stock options to go with the new businesses you can place on your properties and useful features like the ability to poll people in any given area to determine what building will net you the greatest profit.

There are four different modes to choose from, each with different playable games/levels and unique goals like becoming the mayor or simply making the greatest number of sales. Try taking on the sandbox mode or go without a goal if you prefer. Without a doubt this new take is more challenging yet retains as much replay value as the original.


Pros and Cons

Die hard fans of the boardgame will argue that this game has far too many added elements and they feel that takes away from the ‘Monopoly’ expeirence. Conversely, some players may feel that the game is a bit simplistic and there’s not enough challenge. The lack of dice also seemed to bother a few players who expected the game to remain more faithful to it’s roots. Surprisingly the game developers were also self-critical stating that they felt they didn’t “get it quite right”.

For the most part game reviewers give Monopoly Tycoon consistent high marks often citing graphics that are rendered in stunning 3D as a particularly delightful upgrade. The business management style of play garnered more than a few rave reviews. Regardless of any naysayers, players seem to love Tycoon, with many expressing that this was the Monopoly game they have been waiting for since they were children arguing over who got the car figurine and who had to be the iron.


Monopoly Game Review Summary

Fans of monopoly doesn’t even need this Monopoly Game Review anymore. Over the years plenty of games have used the word, “Tycoon,” in their name. Most fell far short of deserving the lofty title. Monopoly Tycoon breaks the cycle of disappointment. M.T. delivers everything a budding business tycoon might want in a game by building on everything it’s predecessors made great. It manages to update and upgrade every aspect of play and never lose track of the nostalgic elements that made the boardgame such a success. It deserves the praise and sales it recieved. Visually dynamic, unique and yet familiar, there are a hundred reasons and a thousand ways to praise this game for bringing the Monopoly to new heights.

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