Football Manager 2019 Review

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This team management game for football lovers is a hit! If you’re already a fan then the latest iteration of Football Manager brings some welcome changes, particularly in the arena of training. This necessary component of any professional sports team has finally recieved the attention it deserves. The training schedule is more customizable and detailed allowing for better pre-match preparation. This isn’t the only way the designers have gone beyond the annual changes to the interface and minor cosmetic alterations of the past. The entire feel of the game is more comprehensive and to be honest this football manager 2019 review is one amongst the hardest verdict we have ever given.

If you are new to the exciting world of professional sports team management then there has never been a better ‘season’ to start playing. The pacing and action of this excellent sports management game will have fans new and old on the edge of their seats.

Developers stated early on that their intention for FM19 was to put out a seriously improved game that was nothing short of excellent. All the hard work and dedication they put into it shows. They appear to have succeeded entirely.


Create your own worldclass football experience when you take over your favorite team. You will find every aspect of real world management in this latest installment in the series. You can feel the excitement of Matchday like never before. Will you go home triumphant, or will you be forced to face the wrath of your superiors?

Manage your finances carefully. You will need to make decisions about who to sign, how and when to train, give pep talks and more. The club managers will assess your management based on a number of important variables, just like in the real world. FM19 gives a lifelike and immersive look at the trials and tribulations of managing a pro sports team.

You can always give the AIs more control and let them take on more active roles in the team building and managing process, but where’s the fun in that?


Tutorials have been improved. New players will find the detailed walkthroughs of every menu useful while seasoned pros will find enough familiar ground to avoid needing to begin all over. The new modes offered in this game take the concepts created in earlier versions and expand upon them in a way that genuinely makes gameplay more believable and natural.

A first for the series is the inclusion of female coach Emma Hayes. She isn’t the only pleasantly surprising addition. The improved use of the VARs (Video Assisted Referees) bears mentioning. Improvements to the tactical scouting were well received among fans. Teams have been updated and additional licenses have been aquired. Bundesliga is available for the first time and fans seem to feel it was worth waiting a decade to have them join for the best version of the game yet.

Football Manager 2019 Review Summary

FM19 has recieved overall rave reviews there have been very few overall complaints. None that appear to hold any real concern for fans. As with any game, there is probably room to further improve, which is more an observation than a complaint.

A few naysayers grouse that it is becoming too complex, with so much detail and so many options taking away from their fun. It is true that the newest installment is, predictably, the most detail oriented and complex member of the series. That is, hopefully, to be expected and anticipated.

If you dislike losing yourself in the myriad aspects of actually doing the job of a football manager… Then Football Manager 2019 is likely a bad purchase for you. The realistic challenges of this game will not appeal to every audience. That said, perhaps realistically, the worst aspect of this game is the addictive quality.

If there is anything left to say, it is simply this: Take the time to get to know this game using our Football Manager 2019 Review and you will surely like it.

Civilization VI Review


Here’s the much anticipated Civilization VI Review For fans of Sid Meier’s Civilization series, Civilization VI was a great new entry in the series with new additions like better cities, customizable governments and more. Aspyr has been hard at work porting Civilization VI to tablets and phones, and most recently the Nintendo Switch. It’s no surprise that Civilization VI works great on the Nintendo Switch, especially in handheld mode. Although it may take some getting used to when playing on the Switch, you’ll love it. When you first start playing Civilization VI on Nintendo Switch, definitely try it out in handheld mode first and alongside your controller of choice, you can poke through the menus yourself. Luckily, Civilization VI is turn-based, so you have the time to figure everything out. Another reason to use handheld mode, is that when playing docked you may get a bit of lag in even a fair-sized city. One huge caveat is that the Nintendo Switch version of Civilization VI is missing online-multiplayer and it does not include the recently released Rise and Fall expansion. Local multiplayer and many AI and bug fixes are still included from other versions of the game.

Civilization VI In-Depth Review

So that’s how the game works on Nintendo Switch, but how about the game itself? This Civilization entry features a beautiful art style, that’s colorful and unique! It also includes better soundtrack, that fits whatever you’re doing in the game, depending on the era and what you’re specifically doing at the time. The game has been filled to the brim with new systems for you to mess around with, like trade, religion, espionage, archaeology, and more. There’s now more ways than ever to build your nation that feel better than ever. Unlike earlier entries, city-building is much easier to understand. Instead of buildings being built, you’ll build districts (Commercial Hub, Holy Site, and Encampment, etc.). You can only build so many districts, so think about what you want your city to specialize in!

In this installment, you’ll also need to take better care of your cities. Instead of an empire-wide city happiness scale, your rating is now individually determined, based on the amount of amenities you have. Now, the land-grab phase is much more fun and exciting. It’s also easier to take care of your cities now, because there’s been major strides made to reduce clutter. Builders (previously workers) now expire after they’re used three times, reducing the number of builders doing nothing. They’re no longer automated, so it feels a bit better too. Placing military units has also been majorly improved. Instead of units clogging the map they now can be grouped into a stronger single unit army.

Civilization VI Review Summary

Things aren’t perfect in Civilization VI, though. This game does handle some systems poorly. Religion isn’t very fun to play around with and the government system suffers the same fate. Although there are a few minor issues, Civilization VI is still filled to the brim with personality, new content, and more. It’s a fun time that everyone should try out. There’s more challenge than ever! If you like what you read so far in this Civilization VI Review, then definitely give it a try!

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