Accounting VR Review


Tired of playing combat, horror or other usual genres of games? Try Accounting+. It is a pure virtual reality bliss. You will love participating in the endless missions, which seem unrelated even though they actually are. So if you are quite fond officeworks then continue on reading our Accounting VR Review.

Designed for PlayStation, this accounting virtual reality game kicks off with a brief introduction, which is done by an elderly guy named Clovis. With a patronizing attitude, he introduces the movement as well as object manipulation systems of the game. None of those should pose a challenge to a beginner.

After the introduction, you are whisked to a dingy office, which has not a single window. The space is characterized by many cabinets that are cluttered up with a plethora of office supplies. Worst of it all, it is illuminated by just a single fluorescent lighting fixture, which hangs low from the ceiling.

Even before you settle, there is an incoming call and the ringing is too loud and upset. Until you push a button on a desk to accept it, you will not know quiet and silence. As soon as you press the button, some overly delighted bosses welcome you aboard as the company’s new accountant.

Eager to get you down to work, they task you with finding an accounting cartridge that supposedly has the program on it for performing your accounting tasks. The cartridge is stored beneath a potted plant, and you will need to pull it out from there.

Your first mission is to find that particular cartridge and insert it into the right machine on your desk. When you succeed, you earn a pair of virtual reality goggles. Wearing the goggles makes a white light come on, improving the dimly lit office with a great ambiance. It will also trigger a spirit—lifting sound, you require, to boost your spirit on your first day of the new job.


1. Simplicity and Creativity

Many accounting VR reviews of games have praised Accounting + for the simplicity of the game and the creativity behind it. In this game, your job is to perform a few tasks, many of which are accounting related, with each successive scene. Accomplishing the tasks moves you to the next scene.

2. An Incredible Gameplay

The gameplay entails interacting with a variety of characters, each one weird in their own way, collecting as well as manipulating a range of objects to accomplish the missions.

You’ll become an unwelcome guest, a new recruit to a teenage gang, a participant in some kind of evil ritual or the defendant in a crazy trial.

3. Fairly Lower Specs

This game has fairly lower minimum system requirements compared to other VR games in its category.

• Operating System: Windows 7 and above.

• Processor: Intel Core i5 or equivalent or better.

• RAM: 4 GB.

• Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 290 , Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or equivalent or better.

• Storage: 1 GB

• Sound Card: Yes



1. It Promotes Corruption

The activities you are required to perform in this game are considered corruption in real-life. Accomplishing those missions gets you various rewards. In reality, that is equivalent to promoting and rewarding corruption.

2. Scary Missions Occasionally

Some missions will see you participate in rituals and cultist activities. With a VR experience, some of these scenes and missions can feel so surreal, causing great fear in a player.


Accounting VR Review Summary

Accounting+ is an incredible virtual reality game that is based on a rich plot. The scenes seem unrelated, but in reality, they are all connected to one another. This is a game that is easy to learn and takes a short time to become proficient at.

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