Hello, my neame is Kevin Aldrich

If you can dream it. You can do it.

Hello everybody, and welcome Kompany Game where I give unbiased Game Reviews, scores and many more but before that, a little bit of introduction first.

Video and PC games have been a piece of my life for whatever length of time that I can recall – as far back as me and my siblings got the NES for Christmas one year, alongside Zelda, Mario, Punch-Out!!

Ever since that day I’ve been a gamer playing literally ANYTHING as much as I can in my entire life. Consistently, I’ve played and enjoyed different computer games/titles, and kept up an enthusiasm for everything identified with gaming. However, as ordinary life began to take once again, gaming normally took a secondary priority and adulthood and responsibilities hit me.

I worked for several office jobs and everyday was monotonous. I wake up, prepare for work, work for 8 hours in the office and go home exhausted. I barely can play games anymore due to stress. One holiday break, as I was packing my things to move to a different appartment, I saw my old NES, I can’t help so I sat down and popped “The Legend of Zelda” and surprisingly it still works! I played the entire afternoon and I rekindled my love for gaming.

That is when I decided to quit my day job in the office and become a Gaming Blogger reviewing games. It was very hard at first but eventually it pays off and best of all, I earn money while playing and giving Game Reviews.

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